Eiffel Group

Identify and develop brand for Eiffel Group - ERP Integrators

Project Details

Client: Eiffel Group

Date: May 2019

Online: EiffelGroup.us

The purpose of this project was to rebrand a New York based enterprise resource planning integrator company. In an industry with many companies providing similar services, the primary goal was to differentiate Eiffel Group by developing a brand voice projecting the empathy that comes with understanding the stress that follows complex management problems within a business.
We used an interview and co-creation process to better understand both the business and the customer demographic. This process resulted in a very clear Brand EVM (Essence, Voice, and Mantra) evoking a warm and understanding point of view - one very different from the common voice heard in tech-focused businesses. With this new voice identified we were able to progress to creating the visual design emulating a calming, relaxing environment.

Resposibilities included: Art direction. Branding. Graphics. Advertising. Video Editing.

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