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About Nader

Everyone designs who devises courses of action aimed at changing existing situations into preferred ones.

Herbert A Simon
Innately intuitive and observant, I've been a professional designer for fifteen years and I've been a senior level director for the better part of a decade. I love building and leading teams. I trust my intuition to acquire the right people and remain open to be constantly surprised. I firmly believe the best design comes from good collaboration and I foster that. That is what I love the most.
As necessary as technical abilities are for a holistic designer, it's all about people. It's about empathy and understanding consequences in a bigger picture. What more can we do for ourselves now and in the future? Those of us capable, have a responsibility to push the betterment of human life. To improve and sustain life in general ... that is the essence of Design.
Creative Director
Design Thinker


The following collection illustrates my range within the framework of design from design thinking processes to data collecting and design research, plus art direction to branding to illustration and graphic design.

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What people say

In my time as a creative professional I have worked with almost every imaginable type of manager and Nader Safinya is, by far, one of the best I have encountered. Nader has the distinction of being able to combine effective delegation with compassionate team-building, meaning he can spot the right person for the right job and knows how to communicate what he needs in a way his associates can understand. This gives him the unique ability to use different voices to reach different people, all the while never compromising himself or his integrity, a talent I have never witnessed before having the pleasure of working with him.

Fritz Striker, Creative Director at Darkside Media LLC

What people say

Nader is an extremely talented designer and an absolute pleasure to work with. He transforms the ideas and specs in creative briefs into modern designs that reinforce brand identity. He truly listens to feedback, implements precise changes, and provides helpful design rationale. He always seems to know what clients are looking for. I've finalized designs faster with Nader than with any other designer.

Diane DiPrima, Marketing Manager at LUZ, Inc.

What people say

While Nader's technical skill set is exceptional it is his thoroughness and thoughtfulness in execution that sets him apart from others. Nader has a unique ability to take the complex desires stated by a client and translate them into exceptional and elegant solutions. His intuitive understanding of user experience combined with his depth of experience has added significant value to each product he and I have worked on together. Furthermore he communicates clearly, delivers on time, and is very consistent.

Matt Cooper, Sales Lead at Restado


Munich, Germany
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